Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Late Delay For The Blog!?

Sorry again for the late update on the latest episodes everyone! I get so use to posting them on twitter and the Facebook page that I sometimes become forgetful. We have two brand new episodes and I will throw in a bonus "Social Link With..." that I forgot to plug before on this show.

Link 9-A Meaty Return

After a long break and a lot of Persona news, the podcast team is finally back to record a new episode. Spencer, Lauren, Melissa, and Will spend a bit of time talking about all things new in the Persona world as well as the Sin Megami Tensei games. There is also a chance for you to be on the next brand new Link and talk about the Persona 4 Anime spoiler free. Be sure to listen and it is good to be back Persona fans.

-Download Here-

Social Link With Tara Platt

Spencer and Melissa are joined once again by another Persona voice actor, this time the esteemed Tara Platt sits down to talk all about her life with us. Tara plays Mitsuru and Elizebeth from Persona 3/4 Arena. Shen also has provided her talents to many different shows, movies, and anime. Tara is married to Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke) if you have not listened to our social link with him yet be sure to check it out.

-Download Here-

Lastly I somehow forgot to add this social link episode with Jonathan Holmes before so hope you all enjoy these episodes everybody!

Social Link With Jonathan Holmes

On a very special episode of the Persona Podcast Spencer and Melissa meet up with Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid. This will include lots of talk about Persona and other stuff in general that is not related, but still fun. If you are a fan of this an want to see us meet up with other important people and talk about Persona let us know!

-Download Here-

Our next episode will be talking all about the recently finished Persona 4 Anime so get to watching so you don't miss out!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two New Episodes

For the 10 people who look at this blog
Sorry to everyone for the lack of updates on shows here. We have been using our Facebook group to do most of the talking and you should join if you have yet to do that here. Time for the episode links and hope you all enjoy the shows. 
Social Link With Yuri Lowenthal
 Spencer and Will sit down with Yuri Lowenthal to talk all about things ranging from Persona to what it is like being an actor. We hope to have more special episodes like this in the future and a bug thanks goes out to Yuri for making time to meet up with us. Be sure to check out all of his work and series called Shelf Life.

Link 8-The Persona Bar Has Been Lowered
The holiday season is here and the Persona Podcast crew is back to give you not only a show, but a commentary on top of that. Th commentary will be over the 1st episode of Persona Trinity Soul and is something most fans of the series or anime in general dislike. So if Santa decided you were bad this year, enjoy our commentary with your new DVD and for those who don't hate your wallet feel free to watch the episode here.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Link 7-The Mysterious Burpees

She is on the case!
The whole Persona podcast crew is back to bid farewell to Will as he will no longer be a regular host. Still we have a lot of great conversations about a lot of games and even some not so interesting topics. Lack of actual persona news will do that to a show. Still the looming release of Persona 4 Golden is almost upon us .

-Download Here-

Persona 4 Arena Fight Club news/rules post coming soon...for REAL!