Monday, July 30, 2012

New Game Plus Season 4 Poll Are Open!

No matter what you vote for
 we are all going to play an amazing game
Sorry the blog has been sort of quiet lately, my day job has been doing its best to work me to death. I won't let that me from writing about what I love and that is playing games with friends. So what better way to celebrate that then voting for season 4 of New Game Plus on What is New Game Plus you ask? Well here is a wonderful description of it by the Community Manager of GU Chloe:

"New Game Plus is similar to a bookclub, but instead of reading books each week community members are given a set checkpoint in an ongoing game which they have to reach before the end of 7 days. While all playing the same part of the same game, Unionites gather to discuss what we're loving and hating about the game, how funny the dialogue is, or how remarkably brilliant the game design was. All conversation is valid and in face encouraged! The only requisite of the feature is that everyone is playing the same section at the same time and join in the conversation! There's no plus to just playing on your own!"

 The past 3 seasons of NGP have seen many different types of games. Season 1 had everyone sneaking back into Metal Gear Solid, Season 2 summoned everyone back to Final Fantasy, and Season 3 saw everyone hiking their way through Tomb Raider Legend.

Season 4 is about to begin, but first we need to pick a game. This Seasons games the community has suggested to play the most are
  • Pokemon (1st Gen) - Gameboy
  • Valkyria Chronicles - PlayStation 3
  • Catherine - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Legend of Zelda - NES, Gamecube, GameBoy Advance, Virtual Console, Eshop

So whether this is your first time playing one of these game or you are a long time fan, there is no reason why you shouldn't join the Gaming Union community (if you haven't already click here).

I also run the officially unofficial podcast for NGP called New Game Podcast. So each week of NGP me and others in the community who played, talk about our experiences. This is a totally unscripted podcast where we go through the basics of what we played that week, answer questions, and get off topic. So if you are interested in supporting our other podcast please be sure to check them out.

On a bit of news for The Persona Podcast, we will most likely record episode 2 sometime this week and I will get it uploaded as soon as I can. Don't forget to send in your questions for the podcast in the forums or on our official twitter.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Persona News Round-up 7/25/2012 Edition

Now you have another reason to be
excited about 08/07/2012
Atlus has announced on their game blog that a Persona 4 Arena manga will be coming out August 7, 2012. The manga will make its debut in the 10th issue of the Persona magazine in Japan. The manga will be illustrated by Aiya Kyu from Code Age and Antimagia. The story of the manga will follow the games story closely, but Atlus says it will differ slightly. The manga will focus on making an impact and building tension in the story.

Lets hope that doesn't mean there will be less bear puns in the manga. The Persona series is not new when it comes to manga adaptations. Sadly, no English manga publishers have put any of the Persona mangas that have been released so far. As an avid fan of manga for many years I have always hoped that they would come out, but nothing yet. I still hold out hope that they will be released. Do you have any interest in the Persona 4 Manga?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to the Offical Persona Podcast Blog!

As a prize you get Link 1 for FREE!
Hello Everyone and Welcome!

This Blog is going to be where you can expect to not only see updates for the Persona Podcast, but all sorts of Persona news in general. Along with news, you can expect to see features, previews, and reviews for everything Persona related.

Time to get to the important part though....The very 1st Link (Episode) is live!

-Basic info for Link 1-Mother of Personas...

The Persona series seems to just keep growing larger and larger with every release. So we thought it was about time for there to be a Persona Podcast. The Persona Podcast is hosted by Spencer, Melissa, Lauren, and Will.
This Episode we focus on who we are and what Persona means to us. After that we give a "brief" history of the Persona games released in the west. Next, go over our "Evoker of the Week" and then go over some questions written in to us.

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