Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Persona News Round-up 7/25/2012 Edition

Now you have another reason to be
excited about 08/07/2012
Atlus has announced on their game blog that a Persona 4 Arena manga will be coming out August 7, 2012. The manga will make its debut in the 10th issue of the Persona magazine in Japan. The manga will be illustrated by Aiya Kyu from Code Age and Antimagia. The story of the manga will follow the games story closely, but Atlus says it will differ slightly. The manga will focus on making an impact and building tension in the story.

Lets hope that doesn't mean there will be less bear puns in the manga. The Persona series is not new when it comes to manga adaptations. Sadly, no English manga publishers have put any of the Persona mangas that have been released so far. As an avid fan of manga for many years I have always hoped that they would come out, but nothing yet. I still hold out hope that they will be released. Do you have any interest in the Persona 4 Manga?

Sticking with Persona 4 Arena news we have two videos to show off as well.

First off, Famitsu released the animated opening for the console version of Persona 4 Arena

Lastly, along with the more character combos Atlus USA's YouTube page uploaded a behind the scenes video showing off Yuri Lowenthal recording his voice for Yosuke in the game. Be warned lots of laughs happened.

Famitsu also celebrated the release of P4A in Japan by handing out a special download code. This DLC is a special color scheme that makes the roster of fighters look like characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4. Here are some screen shots showing off the new colors.

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