Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to the Offical Persona Podcast Blog!

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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

This Blog is going to be where you can expect to not only see updates for the Persona Podcast, but all sorts of Persona news in general. Along with news, you can expect to see features, previews, and reviews for everything Persona related.

Time to get to the important part though....The very 1st Link (Episode) is live!

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The Persona series seems to just keep growing larger and larger with every release. So we thought it was about time for there to be a Persona Podcast. The Persona Podcast is hosted by Spencer, Melissa, Lauren, and Will.
This Episode we focus on who we are and what Persona means to us. After that we give a "brief" history of the Persona games released in the west. Next, go over our "Evoker of the Week" and then go over some questions written in to us.

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  1. Hey, loved the podcast but I had to point out a few things that stood out to me.
    There is no way Persona 4 Arena has more voice acting than Golden. I've played 4 stories in Arena and I'd say maybe 10% of it is voiced. As for Golden, I picked it up when it came out here in Japan and with the exception of the propagandists thoughts, all story dialog is voiced.
    As for the region locking, the US version of the game is almost half the cost when compared to the Japanese version.
    Just something that stood out. Loved the podcast so keep them coming!

    1. Sorry for the double reply. The Japanese version of Arena has full English (text and voice) as well as Japanese. Actually, it's defaulted to English.

    2. It's is very interesting that Atlus has said many times about this being the biggest voiced game they have ever done. You need to play through all the features and story and there is a fair bit of voice acting. Still the amount of voiceless text is a bit annoying.

      Glad to hear you like the show and thanks for listening!

    3. Maybe it's because I focused on just the story mode of Arena.
      Also, I was writing the comments while listening and just wanted to chime in on the subject of what you'd like to see in the next Persona. I think it would be cool if maybe they did college age students instead of high school. One idea I had is if they maybe used the the P5 story as a continuation of Arena, it would work out well. Either way I'd also like P5 to cover more than just one school year.