Monday, August 27, 2012

Link 3-Yak Jackson

Seriously just listen and you will get it...
The social links just keep getting stranger and stranger with the podcast this week. We spend a lot of time talking about some spoiler free thoughts on P4A as well as all the new P4G news that has been released. This week Melissa comes back, but sadly no Lauren since she was busy in the velvet room. So this means Will and Spencer will fill out the rest of the show with Melissa.

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We will also be starting a new way for listeners to send us questions or stories you want to share. You can email us at We understand not everybody has a twitter or wants to use the forums so this should lead to us hearing from new people.

I fear for you Yosuke
We are proud to announce The Persona Podcast's 1st event The P4A Fight Club! We are in the early stages of planning, but this will entail everyone on the podcast playing P4A on PSN with the listeners. We will meet up every week or so and make a lobby as we can all play the game, talk some smack, and have fun. If we get enough people we can even have a leader board to see who is the best among the podcast listeners.

Until we can update on more information here is the different PSN names for everyone on the podcast. If you want to add us just include a message saying your a fan of the podcast or something like that.


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