Thursday, August 2, 2012

Send In Your Questions On Twitter!

...P4A Spoilers?
Well everybody we are going to record Link 2 tomorrow and would love to answer all of your questions. All you need to do is is send us a tweet on our twitter account @PersonaPodcast with your question and as always you can post them in our forums. If there are any Persona/podcast related questions you want us to answer please send them in.

Also don't forget about our "Evoker of the week" from last week. The topic is "What are your thoughts on Persona 4 Arena being region locked and why does this effect you?" If you give us your thoughts on the "Evoker" this week you may get a code for a FREE month of Playstation Plus. Like our questions you can answer this on twitter or on the forums.

Thanks to all the listeners out there who have given us your love and support after only 1 episode. We wouldn't be doing this if  it wasn't for you the listeners.

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