Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking for something to hold you over?

Hey everyone Spencer here!

Just wanted to give you all a little update on whats been going on with the Persona Podcast and Persona 4 Arena.

First off is New Game Podcast Season 2 Episode 1-Stupid Fish

This is a podcast I do for all the fans over at GU who participate with NGP! This season we cover our playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles and the other forum members join us here. In this podcast Spencer, Will, Dollow, and Hunter are your host. We also talk about GamesCom in the absolutely MASSIVE bloopers section. I hope you all enjoy this side show and let me know what you think.

  -Download Here-

Lastly I want to take a moment and talk about P4A DLC for any of you who are not sure what to think of it.

Lets talk color pallet DLC
 The Colors Pallet DLC for P4A is totally worth it if you just want more options in your character. This gives you 8 new colors and 2 can only be used offline. For  $5.99 this is not a bad price for all the character at all. I would highly recommend any BlazBlue or Guilty Gear fans get this as well.

Next up is Glasses
The glasses pack is a bit of a tricky sell since at 1st you may not notice them. The main use of the glasses is in a match when a drawing of your character appears and you see them. This is total fan service and since I am a fan I didn't mind the $5.99 price at all. As a side note you also get the different colors for the glasses after purchasing the color pallet DLC.
Finally Navigators 
I will be short about this by saying that if you can not wait to unlock a certain characters voice in the game go ahead and buy it for $2.99 a voice. I personally will unlock them all in the game so I saw no need to buy these.

Before I go if you are having any trouble clearing your characters #30 challenge there is now free DLC showing off a demonstration for them. This is a nice little way of showing you different way to clear these almost hellish challenges.

I hope you all are enjoying P4A as much as me and don't worry news about Episode  3 will be coming out soon after this weekend.

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